Ondar Series


*a Glossary of People and Places in Ondar*

Dramatis Personae from "Suriax" Book 1


Characters Introduced in "Suriax" but also appearing in Book 2 of Series:

Kern Tygierrenon - Brother of Alerian monarchs, half brother of Queen Maerishka

Queen Maerishka - Ruler of Suriax

Three Lawgivers/Alerian Monarchs:

Eirae (the Punisher),

Pielere (the Protector),

Mirerien (the Keeper of Order, Seer of Truth)

King Alvexton - Human, ruler of the Southern Plains, married to Maerishka

Lynnalin Moesaius - Suriaxian elven mage, member of cinder unit

Zanden Fiereskai - Suriaxian, leader of cinder unit

Rand Vrock - Dwarf, marenpaie hound trainer, member of cinder unit

Land Vrock - Dwarven twin of Rand, runs gambling for tournaments and pit fights in Suriax.

Thomas - Human, former Flame Guardsman, from the mountains

Marcy Kentalee - Full elf, Suriaxian, friend of Kern

Bryce Kentalee - Marcy’s brother, bartender, Owner of The Arrow’s Quill Tavern

Frex Carnesaie - Kern’s uncle, full elf, Alerian, born 680 years before “Suriax”

Collin - Mirerien’s fighting instructor and romantic interest

Elisteen - Baker, full elf, romantically involved with Frex

Alnerand Marteese - Grandson of Elisteen

Svanteese - Maerishka’s advisor, unassuming full elf of medium stature

Sardon Barief - Former Tournament of Fire Champion, devised fighting techniques with Zanden

* Not in Book 2

King Emerien - Founder of Aleria - Born 700 Years before “Suriax”

Veritan - Father of Queen Maerishka, Kern and Alerian monarchs - Died 100 Years Before “Suriax”

Crystillia - Kern’s mother, Frex’s sister

Brenalain - Middle aged elf lord - Western desert settlements

Bradley - Human friend of Thomas

Veronica - Bradley’s elven wife

Max and Vivian, Brad and Veronica’s children

Azalaie - Maerishka’s handmaiden - Appears in “Suriax”

Cornerbluff - Half elf/half gnome - Killed at beginning of “Suriax”

Laureen - Flame Guard spy in Aleria

Grieland - Bad Alerian landlord

Pantheon of Gods

Venerith - God of laws with no morality, Patron god of Suriax

Randik - Sublinate God

Raze - Culler God

Ferogid - Bird God of pestilence and undead

Characters from Book 2

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700 years B-NBF (Before Night of Blue Fire) - Emerien born

680 years B-NBF - Frex born

600 years B-NBF - Emerien rules from 600 to 275 years ago (475 year reign)

550 years B-NBF - Emerien weds human/goes through bonding ceremony

400 years B-NBF - Veritan born

300 years B-NBF - Veritan marries Crystillia, has triplets

275 years B-NBF - Emerien dies, Veritan becomes king of Aleria

232 years B-NBF - Kern born

200 years B-NBF - Suriax founded

150 years B-NBF - Maerishka born

100 years B-NBF - Veritan killed, Maerishka crowned at 50 years old


Aleria - Founded by King Emerien

Suriax - Founded by King Veritan after split from Aleria

Breakeren - Town in Southern Plains, near Alerian border

Tynerock - Alerian border town

Everend - In foothills of Easter Ridge, Alerian Settlement

Eastern Ridge - Mountain range that runs from the Western Desert, east of 

Aleria/Suriax and down through the Southern Plains.

Great Forests - Elven settlement located in northern portions of Eastern Ridge

Therion River - Large river, separates Aleria from Suriax

Cliffs of Myremax - Mentioned in “Suriax,” on the coast, south of plains


Lioceretien - Lantern Shine Spell

Apelai Chamealton - Change Appearance Spell

Leviedine - Levitate Spell Command

Stinguest - Extinguish Spell Command

Somniedus - Sleep Spell

Solyle - Sun Spell, duration six hours

Logeaneportas - Teleportation Spell


Proelignisium (pl) Proelignis (sing) - Fire Battle - battle of wills in Suriax, used to settle disputes. Winner is person who endures pain of fire or heat the longest without complaint.

Flame Guard - Separated into cleric and mercenary branches. Assassins, specially trained, Followers of Venerith, Stationed in Suriax, but can travel for work, Often employed by Crown

Royal Guard - Official guards of Crown in Suriax, rivals of Flame Guard

Marenpaie Hound - Fast travel and battle hounds bred in Suriax

Drander - Dangerous wild beast domesticated by Farnesay gnomes, Enjoyed in drander pot stew.

Snapper Light - Dried flower enhanced by magic. Crush petals to activate light spell. Used as children’s toy

Night of Blue Fire - Night Suriaxians gained fire ability

Ballad of Valenkeeper - Song of ten men fighting five hundred goblins

Ranskie Plant - Treats burns, mentioned in “Suriax”